Storyteller of Your Best Self

Becoming a storyteller of your best self: Imperatives for a successful transition from academia to your professional careerJudy Shen-Filerman Headshot_2013

Speaker: Judy Shen-Filerman, CEO Dreambridge Partners, LLC

Time: Tuesday April 15 12PM (lunch served at 11:40)

Location: W20-202 (Student Center – La Sala de Puerto Rico)
Eventbrite - Becoming a storyteller of your best self

As an accomplished graduate student at one of the most prestigious science and technology universities in the world, making a transition to your career, especially if it is outside of academia, can be challenging. The skills you’ve honed these many years, in technical knowledge, analysis and research will be assets to your career. But new skills must be developed to ensure a strong career trajectory. Interpersonal skills, including presenting, persuading and leading will be critical. Self-promotion skills such as storytelling and asking for high visibility projects are necessary but can challenging to master in the workplace. As you work in professions where women are likely to be in the minority, how do you stay true to your best and natural self while incorporating necessary skills and approaches for career advancement and satisfaction? In her talk, Judy will blend data from existing research, examples from her executive coaching clients as well as her first-hand experience as a Harvard Business School graduate “corporate fast tracker” who turned full-time mother turned social entrepreneur.




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